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Welcome to EZ Riders Snowmobile Club

News Bulletin:


EZ Rider Apparel is now available! And easier then ever.. Hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts.. the works. Order Today at this website:http://www.studentstores.com/maxsprintshop/mps/shop-our-stores/ez-riders.html

Annual Poker Run is schedule for week of February 24th ending at the Westmoreland Golf Club on 29th. Visit our sponsors throughout the week for card stamping and support. Cards are to be handed in at 6PM at the Golf Club where a Door Prizes, Raffles and finger foods will be available. Event is open to nonmembers as well, come visit and share support for the club. More details, trail stops to come!

Congratulations to the students who attended EZ Riders NYS snowmobile safety course on Sunday 15th, there was approximately 14 students who recieved new certificates to operate a snowmobile on NYS trail, keep watch of our new riders on the trails this season, special thanks to Oneida County Sherriff Snowmobile Unit for helping prep new riders.

Time to register sleds now and contribute to important trail fund that is funneled back to our local clubs to help purchase materials for trail work, make groomer payments and purchase fuel for groomers during winter.

Check out the latest updates on meetings and club event details at our Facebook Page.

Trail Update:

Caution: There is logging activity between Scadden Rd and Carter Rd, signs are up but area has large ruts that low snow has not covered.

Currently status of trails are OPEN reports are snow is low on trails with bare spots, use caution as warm weather opens water holes. Groomers have not been out as snow level is too low.

See Facebook posts for more current updates and if the "swamp crossing" is frozen as it is not advised a notive rider crosses without confirmation its frozen.

Trail Work: Time is here to walk trails, remove fallen debris, report issues and hazards to club officers or trail boss. Attend November 14th meeting to plan weekend and help out.

Please respect landowners and club officials and stay off the EZ Riders trail system.

***ATVs are not allowed on NYS or EZ Riders snowmobile trails and will be ticketed by New York Law Enforcement.

Join the club early -

Sign up online and pay with debt or credit card:


Snow Groomer


It's important to join a club despite decision to register sleds or amount of snowfall. The expenses and labor hours to prep trails does not diminish. Livelyhood for next season depends on everyones support.

Here is link for instructions: http://www.nysnowmobiler.com/pdf/2015/Time_To_Renew.pdf

Everyone's help is appreciated, our club is volunteers working with private land owners.

"Please stay on the trail or stay home these trails are a privilege they run on private properties"

Join us on Facebook, stay tune on trail updates,share photos, club events, trail work and riding conditions :)

Please be sure to yield as grooming drags are full of snow and tractors are working hard, give the volunteers a wave in appreciation. Always Ride at Safe Speeds!

Snow Groomer

Above picture is our JD 6200 featuring a 4cyl Turbo Diesel with Powershift transmission mounted on a Gilbert grooming conversion kit manufactured in Canada.




Club Officers and Board of Directors

President: Ken Stewart -Phone 315-404-9204

Vice President: Dan Kitchen

Treasurer: Haley Kitchen

Secretary: Gabriella Marchesani

Trail Boss: Mike Flint -Phone: 315-542-6377

Grooming Cooridinator: Frank Slawiak

Board of Directors: Rick Bearse, Frank Slawiak

Membership Coordinator: Bill Shanley Jr. -Phone: 315-371-0032 or email Bill at: billyinwestmo@aol.com


2019-2020 Club Voucher Information:

Registration renewals will arrive in the mail during August 2019.

Three Ways to Renew your club membership or join for the first time. 1) Choose membership on the right column of this page and print your EZ Riders membership form, complete information and mail to address on the bottom of the application. You will then be mailed the voucher to include with registration renewal by mail or brought directly to DMV. 2) members may recieve a renewal in the mail of the same application on this website, same instructions apply, complete and mail back to club. 3) use your credit or debit card and visit NYSSA website at www.nyssnowassoc.org, you can click on "Join a club online" Click on member clubs, choose EZ Riders from drop down menu or by choosing Oneida county then the EZ Riders. Complete application and print the voucher from your computer, mail with renewal registration or bring to DMV with $45 fee.


Get involved with fundraising with EZ Riders. Simply attend on of our monthly meeting and talk to any of our officiers, they will glady see if we can accommodate your idea.

Learn more on snowmobile trail grooming and volunteer: here

Thanks for your support

Upcoming Events:
Club Membership February 14th, 7:30PM at Westmoreland FireHouse Westmoreland NY- All membership encouraged to attend- 7:30PM.. Meetings typically are 1hr in length and held 2nd Thursday of each Month from Sept. until trails close in April.

Snowmobile Safety Course December 15th 2019: 9AM-3PM at Westmoreland Fire Hall. Pre-register witih Nick Howe, Call 315-335-8887. Lunch provided by club to participants.

Annual EZ Riders Poker Run, February Week of February 24th, Start stamping the week of February 24th and turn in cards on 29th at Westmoreland Golf Club at 6:00PM.

Oneida County Snowmobile Assoc. Monthly Meeting: Every 3rd Monday of the month join clubs from around the area at the county meeting located at the Stanwix Mens Club - 7:00PM. All snowmobilers are welcome

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Oneida County Snowmobile ClubsClub Membership Meetings, Jan 9th- Club monthly meeting, all membership encouraged to attend- 7:30PM at Westmoreland Town Hall for 2013-2014 season. Meetings typically 1hr in length and continue 2nd Thursday of each Month until trails close in April.