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EZ Riders Snowmobile Club Newsletter

2016-2017 Season

Address: PO Box 653, Westmoreland, NY 13490
Website: www.ezridersonline.com
Calendar Events:

Membership meetings 2nd Thursday of each month at Westmoreland Town Hall @ 7:30PM

Our newsletter updates are now available via email. Be sure to register your email account at monthly meeting or by contacting club President. This saves money for club, we now do only a couple mailings a year.

NYS Voucher Info:

As registration time comes near many are probably wondering what’s going to happen this year so members can receive their discount with DMV.  Club memberships expire same time as registrations with the new system for discounts, so be sure to renew your club memberships previous to mailing your registrations for renewal.  More work has been completed providing renewals on the NYSSA website.  Joining online members will be able to print the vouchers with identification code for discount.  Mailing renewals to club will also work same as last year and club officers will return quickly as possible.

So here are the methods for this year:

  1. Return club membership renewal form to club, and you will receive by mail the voucher to either mail into DMV with renewal or visit DMV office to renew this years snowmobile registration.
  2. Visit the NYSSA website www.nyssnowassoc.org, click on the “Join a Club Online” icon middle right of the screen, click on Oneida County from the NYS map, scroll down and on the left below EZ Riders Snowmobile Club, click on the highlighted “Click here to Join this Club.”  Complete the information on the form, **Be sure to UNCHECK the $0.25 from your membership to go towards PAC (political assoc.) unless this is your desire, and finish.  You will need credit card.  Then print voucher and dues are sent to EZ Riders so we can forward your membership cards.

Thanks for your support – See you on the Trail !